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Dirty toilet? We recommend OneShot

OneShot to the rescue
I have found OneShot to be amazing for cleaning those dark stains in toilets.

A little squirt around the top of the bowel and a little scrub every few days will do wonders for any toilet. 
We recommend you use this product on your toilets at least once a week. It is very cheap from Bunnings (link below).
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Getting your air conditioner install approved

Getting an air conditioner installed doesn't need to be a difficult task - at least not through CRASH Strata.
WHAT YOU NEED TO DOLook at other units in the complex and where they have their units.If you are selecting the same spot and design as all others in the complex you have a greater chance of an immediate approval.If different, you may end up having to wait for the next General meeting of the strata.Draw up a mud-map showing:your property and neighbouring properties.where neighbouring air conditioner units are and where you want yours to be.Email a submission to
WHAT WE DO We will email the Council of Owners for approval.

NO REPLY? If you haven't received an approval or email for further information within 3 days, please email back asking for an update.

Drugs and your Tenancy

Chances are, you know drugs are bad M'kay. You've probably read all the literature or at least a few articles about how much chemicals they put in E and how the marijuana will rot your brain.

You may not be surprised, but here is CRASH Realty's policy on you doing drugs.
As long as you are not damaging the property, we don't care what you put inside your own body As part of all our leases there is no smoking inside the property at any time and this includes funny cigarettes so if you're smoking the marijuana outside and it isn't blowing into a neighbour's property, we don't care.
Consider your neighbours Don't smoke somewhere where you will be blowing wacky stuff into one of your neighbour's windows. Don't throw it in their faces, you don't know their position on drugs and you could face a door knock by a police officer.
Consider your Property Manager Don't leave stuff out for your PM to have to explain in inspection photos to the o…

Westfield Carousel - a great family friendly shopping experience in Cannington

This Sunday we had a spare hour between home opens and my leasing team decided we needed to grab a bite to eat down at the local shopping centre Westfield Carousel in Cannington.
Westfield Carousel - Find your favourite store and the newest shops for fashion, beauty, lifestyle and fresh food only at Westfield Carousel

THE HEART OF CANNINGTON Westfield Carousel is one of Perth's largest shopping centres and is the heart of Cannington. Right in the middle of the Commercial section of Cannington, this area is a great source of employment and has attracted a lot of tenants to Cannington, East Cannington, Queens Park, and surrounding suburbs.

Leasing properties around Westfield Carousel has never been a problem.

GREAT IMPROVEMENTS Westfield Carousel has seen some really great improvements recently. As a parent I'm over the moon at the amount of additional under cover parking they have added to the centre as well as the great variety of food on offer at the food court. Construction …

Bathroom smells

“Is your bathroom smelling like you-know-what?”
On hot days, you may notice that your bathroom is smelling a little worse for wear. If you have 2 bathrooms and only really use 1 you may notice your spare bathroom is smelling particularly bad more often, and here’s why.

Cause This is an “S” Bend or a Trap, such a fantastic little invention, water collects in the pipe and stops all those bad drain smells from coming up into your bathroom while still allowing all your waste water and materials to leave.

On very hot days, these Traps dry out allowing those bad smells to make it into your home.

Solution Pour a litre of water down each of your drains once a month or on one of these particularly hot days and keep those bad smells away.

Mouldy showers?

Mould getting you down? Time for Exit Mould
Part of our service to our Owners includes regular routine inspections to check the condition of the property and to see if anything needs attention.

If a property is not up to standards we identify the issue with the tenant, and if need be, we sometimes have to re-inspect.

This is not a negative and does not affect a tenant’s lease or their rental history in any way. We just need to make sure everything is on track and running smoothly.

We always want to attend to items during the tenancy,  not at the end of the tenancy.

EVIL MOULD Mould can appear in a bathroom for several reasons.
Inefficient exhaust fan (Owner’s issue)Inadequate ventilation during and after showering (tenant issue)Pre-existing mould issue in the bathroom (Owner issue)Inadequate cleaning (Tenant issue)etc.
Mould in a shower base is almost always due to the tenant not cleaning regularly and leaving the area moist. If left untreated mould can eat into the shower sealant maki…

Is your water discoloured?

In most cases we have been involved with, discoloured water is a result of the Water Corporation conducting works in the area.

Full details below